Rabbi Bitton

Argentinian-born Rabbi Yosef Bitton, former Chief Rabbi of Uruguay, is known as one of the leading lights in the Sephardi world. In between receiving his ordination as a Dayan from Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, Rabbi Bitton pursued academic studies at Yeshiva University as well as at Ben Gurion, Bar-Ilan and Emory. He has been a community rabbi and leader for more than 25 years in Buenos Aires, Montevideo and currently New York, where he is the rabbi of the Ohel David and Shlomo congregation of Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn.

Well versed in both Torah and the sciences, his latest book, Awesome Creation, is a rigorous and highly original analysis of the first three verses of Genesis, based on an understanding that “the Torah and the physical world are really two books written by the same Author”.