Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Making Kosher the grill and the oven

Today is the 7th of Yiar, 5770 (22 days of Omer. 3 weeks 1 day)

Last week we explained what happens with the food when we accidentally we cooked a meat food on a diary utensil or vice versa. Today we will see what we should do with the cookware.
As a general rule, most utensils or cookwares that were used with a prohibited food can become kosher again, but they need to undergo a process of “depuration/sterilization” to get rid of the absorbed particles of the forbidden food. Most people are familiar with the process called “Hagala” which basically means immersing a utensil in boiling water. For example, if one accidentally used a meat spoon to stir dairy food, the spoon needs to be immersed for a few seconds in boiling water.
There are some utensils that are not used with water or for “cooking”: for example, a grill or an oven. The food particles were absorbed there by direct fire or by heat; water therefore won’t be effective in getting the forbidden particles out…
So If one wants to make Kosher a non Kosher grill he needs to do a Libbun Chamur (heavy firing) which means, that the grill must be placed on the fire or heated with a torch until the metal changes its color to red/white.
A regular electric or gas oven needs Libbun Kal (heating) which consists on bringing the oven to its maximum temperature –the highest it might have reached when cooking the non Kosher food- for about half hour. The self cleaning function of most electric ovens is considered Libbun Kal.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Today is the 6th of Yiar, 5770 (21 days of Omer, 3 weeks) The RABANUT HARASHIT, Chief rabbinate of Israel, decided to postpone the celebration of Yom haAtzmaut for today, Yiar 6th, and the commemoration of Yom haIzkaron for yesterday Yiar 5th in order to prevent any desecration of the Shabbat due to the preparations for Yom HaZikaron. As Israel celebrates today its 62 birthday I want to present to you some selected videos and articles from Some of them sad, some of them happy, reflecting our dual mood in these two days. MUST WATCH: The Story of Roi Klein z"l (3:18) MUST READ!!! (FROM TWO YEARS AGO, BUT NO DIFFERENCE): MUST MUST WATCH to be SO proud about Medinat Israel: (2:38) NICE to READ to see the difference... GILAD SHALIT: the missing soldier.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Today is the 5th of Yiar, 5770. (20 days of Omer) Yom haZikaron/ Yom haAtzmaut

It was 3400 years ago. Moshe addresses the new generation of Am Israel, as they happily and eagerly prepare themselves to inherit the Promised Land, the land of honey and milk. In the midst of their enthusiasm Moshe Rabbenu has some serious words of warning from God Almighty:

This land is a conditional divine gift that might be taken away from you. If you ever abandon Me and My covenant … then I will turn my face –My protection- away from you … then, your land will be captured by your enemies and you will be taken captives and exiled to the four corners of the planet… However, your fate will not be like the fate of other people, civilizations and empires: because of my covenant and my promise to Abraham, Yitzchak and Yaakob, I will never allow the Jewish people to disappear. That is My main responsibility toward you. The people of Israel will exist forever…

Moreover, one day, if you return to Me (Devarim 30, 4): “even if you might be scattered to the end of heavens –the farthest countries on earth- your God Almighty will bring you back from there and He will rescue you form there And the Lord your God will bring you to the land that had belonged to your ancestors and make you even more successful and numerous than they were”.

62 years ago this amazing prophecy took place with the establishment of Medinat Israel. A prophecy that during centuries our ancestors had given up on. We have the incredible merit to be living it.

Ashrenu! ma tov chelkenu.

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