Thursday, March 11, 2010

PESACH, non edible Chametz Part 3

25th of Adar, 5770

We’ve explained that non edible Chametz could be used during Pesach. We’ve also explained that what usually defines a product as non edible is its bad flavor. Presence of a good flavor seems to be indicative then, of the edible nature of a product. Oral health and hygiene products belong to a controversial category. From one side, they are not considered “food”, or edible. From the other side, they are introduced in the mouth and have a good flavor...

Many Sephardic rabbis then would authorize any of these products (toothpaste, mouthwash) because they are considered non edible products. Ashkenazi Rabbis and some Sephardic rabbis, on the other hand, will require these products to be Chametz free since they have a distinctive good flavor and are introduced into the mouth.

The following products do not contain any Chametz ingredient.

MOUTHWASH: Scope; Crest whitening rinse; Plax advanced (all varieties); Flurocare Dual Rinse; Tom’s of Maine; Crest Whitening Rinse; Listerine (all flavors).

TOOTHPASTE: All Colgate; All Crest; All Tom’s of Maine; Aquafresh.

Chap stick: Any. Unflavored only. New tube.

Crest white strips do not contain any Chametz ingredient.

Fixodent does not have Chametz ingredient.

All dental floss are acceptable.

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