Monday, March 8, 2010

PESACH, non edible Chaemtz, Part 2

22nd of Adar, 5770

As we've explained in our last Halakha we are allowed to use or keep during Pesach any product which is unfit for consumption – human or animal – even if it may contain Chametz ( I insist in “may” because in today’s industrial world -unlike corn starch or corn derivatives- the usage of wheat or barley derivatives is not very common in this type of products). We can use or keep at home any cosmetics or cleaning products etc. (See: last Halakha of the Day).

Medicinal pills fall under this category of non edible Chametz (nifsal meakhilat keleb) when they are meant to be taken “swallowing” them, instead of “chewing” them, which is the normal way of eating…
Therefore any non chewable pill (which is the same as saying: any pill without flavor) can be taken or kept during Pesach. (Some rabbis would take a stricter stand, even in non chewable pills, if they are taken as dietary supplements or vitamins).

There are some medicines however, which are borderline between edible and not edible: for example, medicinal products which contain flavor. These products are not meant as "food" but they are "consumed" as food (chewing /drinking). For these products, we take a stricter stand: therefore, any chewable or liquid medicine should be checked for Chametz before using it during Pesach. (B'H we will send a list of these products as an attachment later on this week).

Needless to say that in case of a serious medical condition any necessary medicine should be taken