Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bediqat Chametz, last inspection of Chametz (and Pesach out of town).

The night before the Seder, when the first three stars are visible and once our house is clean of Chametz and ready for Pesach, we do the Bediqat Chametz, which is the last inspection in which we search for any Chametz food that might have remained involuntarily in our property after cleaning.
This year, 5772/2012, the night of the Bediqa will be Thursday April 5th, after 8:00 P.M. That night, with the aid of a candle or a flashlight, we search all spots in our house where we might have brought and/or stored food. We should especially search the kitchen, food storage rooms, the pantry, the refrigerator, the freezer and all other places in which we might have eaten or kept food. In the Bediqa we are looking especially for Chametz "food" that we could have overlooked during the cleaning process, and not so much for Chametz 'crumbs', which will be rendered hefker--ownerless--by the Bitul (See yesterdays HOTD). 

Attention should be given also to cars, since it is not uncommon to eat or keep snacks in a car. Cars should be washed and cleaned before the night of the Bediqa and then we should search them usually after we search our homes. We should also search our office or place of work, because we often bring food there. If it is impossible to search these places right after we do the Bediqa at home, it should be done before the Bediqa or early in the morning of the following day.

When a family spends Pesach out of town, the cleaning and the last Chametz inspection (Bediqa) of the main house should be done the night before leaving home, without saying any berakha. The Chametz found should be disposed, giving to a gentile or sold. The night of the Bediqa, Thursday April 5th, the family should search for Chametz again, but this time with the berakha, in the house or in the Hotel room where the family will stay for Pesach.

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