Friday, August 6, 2010

SHABBAT TABLE: Peace keeping forces

Today is the 26th of Av, 5770

Is Shabbat part of the ‘weekend’? Is Shabbat there to rest and recharge our batteries, to keep working efficiently and with plenty of energy next week? Is Shabbat just a mere resting time, a ‘means’ for the days of labor?
For the Jewish people Shabbat is the ’final purpose of the week’. We don’t rest on Shabbat just to work hard next week. Rather, we have worked very hard all week long to finally enjoy Shabbat! Shabbat is the real goal of the week.
Keep this in mind especially when you sit together with your family for Shabbat dinner.
It is such an important event that our Chakhamim instruct us how to keep a perfect Shabbat dinner.
There are a few things we must do and a few things we must not do.
Let me start from the later.
Rule # 1: No interruptions. Cell phones, TV, I Pods, game boys, etc. should NOT be allowed on Shabbat!
Rule # 2: No business conversations on Shabbat. We must think and act as if all our work is already done and there is no unfinished business which merits our attention on Shabbat.
Rule # 3: Shalom Bayit. No disputes, quarrels or fights on Shabbat table. Smile. Let go. Don’t listen. Let go. Keep smiling. The two candles you see in front of you are there to remind you that now is a time for peace.
You can do it!

Shabbat Shalom!