Thursday, October 17, 2013

A SEGULA to become rich

Wealth is not measured by what one has but by what one needs. Regardless of how much I have, if I need more than what I have, I'm a poor guy. The level of my poverty (or my wealth) is the difference between what I have and what I feel I need to have. Our rabbis explained that poverty is usually an unconscious state of mind ('aniyut mida'at). It consists in the belief that I don't have all what I need. While wealth is the state of realizing that I need just what I have, or even less. 

Let me explain it with numbers. In fractions you have the numerator and the denominator.  In "three over four" (3/4) "three" is the numerator and "four" the denominator.  In our case the numerator is "what I have" and the denominator is "what I need". 

Normally, people try to increase their numerator to reach the denominator. But when they finally reach the denominator, they find out that the denominator has changed. It went up!  In consequence, people are permanently "poor", lacking something they "need".  The denominator keeps changing because of numberless reasons. Cellphones area good example: The Motorola Razor is a great phone. But when you finally got it, the world around you makes you feel that what you really "need" is an iPhone (=a higher denominator). And when you finally got an iPhone you suddenly realize that what you really, really "need" is the iPhone 5s! You MUST have it. And you ask yourself: I wonder how was I able to survive without a fingerprint identity sensor?! 

To be rich we need to be in control of our denominator. We have to feel that right now we have everything that we really need. 

It really does not make any difference if you have ten million over ten million or five dollars over five dollars. When you realize that you need nothing more than what you now have, you reached plenitude. YOU ARE RICH!  The most important thing you need to keep in mind is that the value of the denominator is in your hands. YOU set it and no one else!  

To master this SEGULA repeat several times a day "The less I need, the richer I am."