Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tehilim and the most important Business Partner

  פותח את ידך ומשביע לכל חי רצון

Last week we explained that in order to get the most from reading Tehilim we need to understand what we are saying (see here).  The ideas of Tehilim will increase our awareness of HaShem's Presence in our lives. 
One example:  The rabbis established to recite Psalm 145, Tehila le David (aka ashre yoshebe betekha) three times a day.  Why? Mainly for the idea contained in the verse poteah et yadekha:  145:16 "When You open Your hand, you satisfy the hunger and thirst of every living creature".
God is the ultimate provider. His intervention is not limited to the jungle's food-chain or the marine ecological system. This verse teaches us that HaShem also intervenes in human society. Besides (or despite) our best efforts, our livelihood depends on His will. It is up to Him to grant us health and wisdom. And even business opportunities. He closes doors and opens new doors. He is our Senior Business Partner. Realizing that our Parnasa isultimately in His hands brings us hope and tranquility (bitahon). And helps us to surf peacefully the turbulent waters of our modern economy. 
This is why according to the shulhan arukh (OH 51:7) if we just read this verse ("When You open Your hands...") and we did not have the proper understanding its meaning (kavana), we need to recite it again. 
Incorporating the idea that HaShem is our business partner gives a whole new meaning to our business and to our lives. For example: I will surely behave with total honesty, integrity and with an unstoppable optimism with HaShem Present in my business. It will be easier (and absolutely logical!) for me to give Tzedaqa, i.e., to open MY hands as a payback to HaShem's opening HIS hands to me. 

(Once you understand the meaning of this verse, repeat it to yourself every day as many times as needed).