Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Yom ha'Atzmaut 2013

The Tora (Deut. 30), predicted the exile of the Jewish people to all four corners of the planet and also predicted that they will come back home.   Yeshayahu (Chapter 60) elaborated with prophetic and poetic words on how this prophecy will be carried out. Addressing the Land of Israel he said: (60:4) "Your sons will come from afar, and your daughters, carried on their shoulders...".  At that time, he also said: "there will be those who will fly [to Israel] like clouds, and those who will fly [to Israel] like pigeons to their nests".

Rabbi Simcha Kook, chief Rabbi of Rehovot, once explained to me why the Prophet used the motif of clouds and pigeons. Clouds and pigeons represent two opposite extremes in terms of motion. Clouds do not control their movements. They are moved by winds. On the other hand, pigeons (homing pigeons), out of all birds, have an extraordinary sense, an organic GPS,  which enables them to return home from any location in the world, even from thousands of miles away. They would not rest until they arrive home, even if they have to fly against the winds.

The prophet Yeshayahu was saying that there will be Jews who, like clouds, will return to the land of Israel moved "by winds": There are political winds, financial winds, winds of persecution, etc., divine winds which will bring these Jews back to their homeland. And there will be other Jews who, like homing pigeons, will come from far away, and struggle against winds, driven by their instincts, to return home, back to their nest.

Eventually, all Jews will return to our homeland. If not us, then our children or grandchildren. We will all be reunited back in the land of Israel. To fulfill the greatest prophecy and to rebuild the most beautiful home for Jewish people, Medinat Israel. 

It is our choice, still, if we want to come as clouds or pigeons. 

Yom ha'Atzmaut Sameach!!!!