Sunday, March 10, 2013

Information on Rice for Pesah 2013

1. From Mr. Shmuel and Mojgan Liviem, as per Rabbi Eliyahu Ben Hayim. 

“Passover Rice Information 2013"                                                          

   As per phone conversations with rice importers and receipt of confirmation letters from them, Rabbi Eliyahu Ben Haim has confirmed that the following brands of rice are 100% pure, are not enriched, and have no additives or preservatives. Therefore, they are suitable for use on Passover. 
The brands are as follows:


Please avoid any enriched rice.

2. From Rabbi Yehuda Boroosan, Atlanta, GA. 

“Rice is a primary staple food for many people.  When  rice  is processed into white  rice, the fiber and nutrient rich outer  bran  is stripped first, leaving behind the germ and endosperm. In many cases, the nutritious germ is lost as well during the polishing process. As a result, white  rice  is not terribly nutritious, naturally. Therefore,  the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires that any rice labeled  “enriched”,  regardless of its point of origin - whether domestically grown or imported - must contain at least the minimum level thiamin, niacin, iron and folic acid as specified in the Code of Federal Regulations. “Organic Rice’ on the other hand may not contain other nutrients, in compliance with the regulations  set forth by the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM). Although the USDA does not require any import permit to import processed “Natural Rice” such as Basmati, Jasmine, etc., without enrichment,  for food consumption to the US, in some countries abroad the trend has become to enrich their natural rice that is intended for import purposes. Consequently, please use the following chart as the reference to purchase qualified kosher rice for Pesach.”

                            See THIS table