Thursday, January 17, 2013

THE 13 Principles: # 12: Messianic times.

Previously, we explained that according to Jewish tradition in the times of the Mashiaḥ the Jewish people will live in Israel in an independent state,  ruled by the Mashiaḥ, a descendant of King David.  

Maimonides (in his Pirush haMishnayot and MT) writes;

"Our sages did not long for the Messianic age in order that the Jews might rule the world and dominate the gentiles.  They did not desire that the nations should honor them, etc. They only hope for one thing: to be free to involve themselves in the Tora and its wisdom. They wanted nothing to disturb them or distract them, so that they should be able to strive to become worthy of the life in World to Come ('olam habba)".

"Do not think that the ways of the world or the laws of nature will change in the Messianic times. This is not true. The world will continue as it is. It is true that the Prophet Isaiah predicted 'The wolf will live with the sheep...', this, however, is merely an allegory that the Jews [the sheep] will live safely, even with the nations that are like wolves [who wish to devour Israel]. War will no longer exist, as the prophet (Isaiah 2:4) says 'Nation shall no longer lift up sword against nation'."

"They will no be changes in nature. People will live longer lives but they will eventually get sick and die. The Mashiaḥ's kingdom will last for a very long time, This is because mans lifetime will be vastly extended. Worries and troubles will no longer exist, and therefore people will live much longer. The Mashiaḥ, obviously, will also die (Isaiah 42:4), and his son will rule in his place."
"It will be a time when the number of wise men will increase. 'All the world will be filled with knowledge' (Isaiah 11:9). The main occupation of humanity will only be to know God. The Jews will therefore become great sages, know many hidden things, and achieve the greatest understanding of God possible for a mortal human being." 

                                Arab Youths Harassing Two Hasidic Jews in Jerusalem

For me, this video clip was hard to watch because it brought vivid memories of times we all believe will never come back. The hardest part is that this happened in 2013, in the hearth of Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, the Jewish State. No mainstream media has paid (and probably will no pay) any attention to this.  As of today, this clip was watched by less than 200 people in Youtube. Just imagine the worldwide indignation, the UN condemnations, college campus demonstrations etc. if a bunch of Jewish teens would have done the same to two innocent Palestinians...