Monday, November 5, 2012

JEWISH WEDDINGS: The text of the Ketuba

The text of the Ketuba is divided into three parts.

The first part states all the basic data which is included in any legal document: the date, place and names.  

√ If we would write the Ketuba today, it would say "On the SECOND day of the week, on the TWENTIETH day of the month of MOR CHESHVAN, the year 5773 from the Creation of the World, according to the manner in which we count here in the city GREAT NECK, in the STATE OF NEW YORK."

√ Then the text continues with the names. The name of the  bridegroom is written first, followed by the name of his father and then the name of the bride and her father.  Normally, the rabbi in charge of writing the Ketuba would state the Hebrew names followed by the English or vernacular names. For example, if someone's Hebrew name is YOSEF but everyone calls him  JOEY the rabbi will write:  YOSEF DEMITQARE JOEY, i.e., "Yosef also known as Joey". 

√ The names of the bride, the groom and their parents have to be written with extreme care. The rabbi in charge must be familiar with the rules and customs of writing names in Hebrew. Moreover, the rabbi must know how to write the English name in Hebrew letters, which many times is very complicated, since not every English consonants or diphthong has its exact correspondence in Hebrew. 

√If a person does not have an Hebrew name, the English or vernacular name can be used.  

√ In a case of adoptive parents, the custom in many communities is to write the name of the adoptive father adding: abiv hamgaddelo... "the father who raised him (o her)"

√ If a person is a Cohen or Levite, it should indicated after his name  in the Ketuba. YOSEF BEN YA'AQOB HALEVY.

Chesed, and the storm

This is a short sample of  the adds which could be found in Facebook and all over the Internet last week. Thousands of Jewish families opened and are opening their homes inviting whoever needs to stay there. 

√ We are abt 40 min away upstate in Chabad House in Newburgh- if anyone needs a place- with pleasure! call us 565 xxxx. The Serebryanskis 

√ We have 2 extra bedrooms this Shabbos if anyone needs a place to stay. Leah xxxxxxxd 362-xxxx  

√ Baruch Hashem we have POWER & 2 extra bedrooms. If anyone needs a place... please call (646)522-xxxx The xxxxx Kaplans