Monday, October 29, 2012

"Sandy" and the blessings of a blackout

We are expecting a big storm in New York today. In our area the worst part will probably begin after 7.00 PM. We have already taken all precautions: all lose objects are placed in the garage. The windows are decorated with a big X of masking tape. We got flashlights, a batteries-less radio and we have gathered probably more food (and bottled water) than what Noach took with him to his ark. 

We are ready for the worst: a blackout. No power for who-knows how many days (last time, with Hurricane "Irene", we had no power for 10 days). The big-game changer is that children have no school today and tomorrow.    As I was nervously talking to my wife yesterday I noticed that she was no worried at all, on the contrary, she was excited: "A blackout is the greatest opportunity for quality family time". 

She is right: in a sense these days are like a long Shabbat: no work, no school, no computers, no X-Box, etc., just the family together indoors.  We are all by ourselves, with our children. 

Like Shabbat, try to build a positive atmosphere of peace, with patience. 

Select some books for quality reading; take from the basement old family pictures, and get ready to play games and tell stories of Abraham Abinu. Then  have points of discussions and Q&A on the Perasha of the week (see, for example, this) one of the richest Perashiot for children!. 

It is also a great opportunity to explain our children how privileged we are to live in a time and a place where B'H we have refrigerators, washing machines and electrical light. 

We are hoping that B'H everybody will be safe and sound, but we can't get over the excitement of having this window of opportunity for quality Jewish parenting.

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