Friday, July 27, 2012

When the 9th of Ab falls on Shabbat

This year, 2012, the 9th of the month of Ab falls on Shabbat (from Friday July 27th at night, until Saturday July 28th at night). When that happens our Rabbis instructed us to postpone the mourning day and the fast for the next day, Sunday (beginning Saturday night).  So, this year the Jewish National Day of Mourning will be commemorated on the 10th of Ab, beginning Saturday night July 28th at 9.04 p.m. (N.Y. time), once Shabbat ends.

√ Because the eve of the fast day falls on a Shabbat we do not have a se'udat hamafseqet, the last meal that we eat before the fast in a mood of mourning (see HERE). Actually, There are NO restrictions or any customs of mourning during this Shabbat. This Shabbat it is permitted to eat meat normally, even for Se'uda Shelishit (=the last meal, Shabbat afternoon).  

√ We will stop eating before 8.15 p.m (= 8.15 p.m. is sunset in N.Y.C). And no preparations for Tish'a BeAb should be done until Shabbat is over at 9.04 p.m. N.Y. time.

√ After 9.04 p.m. by saying "barukh hamabdil ben qodesh lechol"(=Blessed is He, Who established the difference between holy and profane) Shabbat is over.  

  √ We should change our Shabbat clothes for weekdays clothes and come to Synagogue with no-leather shoes. That night there is no Habdala other than the Berakha "Bore Me-ore haEsh", which is going to be said in the Synagogue. 

√ In our community all the Minyanim will start Tish'a BeAb services at 9:30 p.m. And although we have not yet said Arbit, we can still drive to Synagogue, because by saying "barukh hamabdil..." we have declared the end of the sanctity of Shabbat.   

√ This year, that Tish'a BeAb falls on Saturday and it is postponed for Sunday, pregnant women and women who are actually breast-feeding do not need to fast on Tish'a BeAb. If they want and can fast they should fast until Chatzot (1:05 p.m.). 

√ When one is allowed to eat during Tish'a BeAb for health reasons, one should eat only whatever is necessary for his or her health, and not for pleasure or in excess.

√ The fast will end 30 minutes after sunset, Sunday July 29th at 8:45p.m (N.Y.T). In some Minyanim at 8:55 p.m. For the Habdala Sunday night we will not say "Bore Mine Besamim" but only "haGefen" and "haMabdil". 

√ This year, because the 9th of Ab falls on Shabbat, we can eat meat, shave or get a haircut immediately after the fast ends. 

Shabbat Shalom!

Candle lighting in NYC 7:57 p.m.
Shabbat Ends in NYC 9.04 p.m.

May we all have an easy and meaningful fast.
May this be the last Tish'a beAb that we mourn for the destruction of our Temple.

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