Tuesday, April 3, 2012

PESACH SEDER: The secret for the most important night of the year

What is the secret for a successful Pesach Seder? What do you have to do to enjoy a memorable Seder with your family, while learning about our history and identity?

The 'secret' for the Pesach Seder could be summarize with three words: "Preparation. Preparation. Preparation."

Write an email today to each member of your family. Assign to each one of them one part of the Hagada. 

1. Ask the little ones to read, sing, explain 'Ma Nishtana'.  

2. Ask every member of the family to read and/or explain at least one short text of the Hagada in Hebrew, English, Farsi, etc. 

3. Ask a few members of your family to prepare a meaningful (2-3 minutes long, max.) debar Tora. Suggest them to search in:www.torah.org, www.aish.com, www.ou.org.  For more scholarly ideas see HERE (Search: "Pesach seder") and HERE.

1. Ask the young adults to organize a brief debate.   "Although they were only a small minority, Pharaoh feared (or pretended) that the Jews were "too powerful" and will eventually betray Egypt." (Shemot 1: 9-10) VS. "Although Jews are less than 3% of the American population, Atlantic Magazine's "50 Most Influential Commentators in America" included 26 Jews". Are Jews too powerful in America? Why? Is that good , bad or indistinct? Should we worry or be proud?

2. Or to search online about Gilad Shalit. Describe his anguish in captivity and the joyce of his freedom.
3. Read and debate  The Reality of Freedom 
1. Ask the funniest guys of the family to play some parts of the Hagada. You must play the Ten Plagues for the children, to make it memorable! First, someone should explains briefly each plague. Then, the play. Have one person in the role of Moshe (his head covered with a Talit) and somebody starring as Pharaoh... Make it visual. Get plastic frogs, animal masks for 'arob and ping pong balls for hail. 
2. Have 20 questions ready and most importantly 20 (or more) small prizes. So anytime it gets out of control, or boring or you want everybody's attention you can ask one of your questions (show the prize first!) and give the prize to the winner. 

3. Have a game, a Pesach treasure hunt or Pesach trivia. 
For  HUNDREDS of ideas for your Seder, see the following links with educational tips, stories, questions, activities and games: