Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rosh haShana 5772 SPECIAL EDITION

What NOT to do when listening to the Shofar?

Every day, we have many opportunities to ask God Almighty what WE need and what we want from Him. On weekdays, three times a day we recite the Amida. From its nineteen blessings, thirteen focus on our needs and requests from God: we ask God for good health, good livelihood, protection, etc. During Shabbat and Chaguim, when opening the Hekhal, we ask haShem to grant us good health, good livelihood, protection, etc. In high Holidays, we request the Almighty several times for our Parnasa (livelihood) and long life, etc.

What are we supposed to do when we listen to the Shofar? Should we keep

asking God for more? Public opinion (and general practice) notwithstanding, when listening to the Shofar we should not focus on asking God for anything.


Because it is actually the only time of the whole year, God is asking something

from us!

The voice of the Shofar should be understood as a 'divine call', as if at that time

God demands to know what good have we done with the year of life He graciously gave us.

When the Shofar is blown, it is actually improper to ask. The Shofar remind us

that haShem is our King, and we owe Him obedience. We are asked to admit our

mistakes and learn from them. It is not a time to ask but to answer to God. We

answer God's call by becoming mentally answerable, accountable from what we

have done wrong and for what we have not done right.

That is what we need to do when listening to the Shofar!

Shana Toba !!!

Candle lighting for Rosh haShana in NYC: 6:25 PM


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