Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tish'a beAb: Eating meat during the Nine Days

mishenikhnas ab, mema'atim besimcha... "Once the month of Ab begins (August 1st.), we minimize our happiness". Those are days to remember and mourn for the destruction of our Bet haMikdash.

One of the ways we display our sorrow is by refraining ourselves from eating meat. There are communities in which people do not consume meat and don't drink wine during the entire three weeks. Others, restrict themselves only during the week of Tish'a beAb. In the Mashadi community, we do not eat meat during the 'Nine days', except Rosh Chodesh Ab.

A person who is sick or weak or a woman during the first 30 days after giving birth, are allowed to eat meat (Although, it would be preferable if possible if they eat chicken instead of red meat). Fish is allowed during the three weeks.

During Shabbat, as we know, we are exempted from mourning and sorrow, so we should meat normally.

In some communities, when there is a Se'udat Mitzva, like a Berit Mila, they serve meat, because is a Se'udat Mitzva. In our community, while in Iran, meat was not served at a Se'udat Mitzva because it wasn't available (there was no Shechita!). In our community, additionally, the Berit Mila is performed in the morning, so meat is not served anyway.

In our community the custom to refrain from eating meat persists during the night after Tisha beAb (August 9th), because according to our tradition the Bet haMikdash was still burning during that day.

So, the restriction to eat meat applies from August 1st at night, until Wednesday Aug. 10th, midday, except Shabbat.

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