Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The 18th Berakha: MODIM ANACHNU LAKH (Part 2)

Today is 12 of Sivan 5771

Modim (=Gratitude) is the longest blessing of the Amida and the second in importance, after Magen Abraham (First berakha). It starts with the words Modim Anachnu Lakh (We thank You...) and ends with "...haTob Shimkha ulkha na-e lehodot". "You, God, are known as The Good [One], and to You we should convey our gratitude".

We have previously explained the first part of this blessing (see HERE). Now let's explore what is considered the be the core of this berakha.

"We shall thank You and recite Your praises -

For our lives which are entrusted in Your hands,

and our souls which are deposited with You,

and for Your miracles which are every day with us,

and for your wonders and goodness at every time,

evening, morning, and afternoon".

This text consist in our existential realization. In other words, in regaining consciousness that we are alive solely by the will of haShem.

One of the main barriers which prevent our spiritual growth is taking everything for granted. Beginning with the very fact that we are alive. We must appreciate the privilege of being alive, and the multitude of miracles that need to happen to warrant our existence.

Right now, we are not enumerating the miracles that God performed to our forefathers in Egypt or in the past, rather, we are focusing on the daily miracles and gifts which God constantly grants us individually: our lives, our health, our food.

This blessing opens our eyes to appreciate. Appreciation is the prerequisite for gratitude, in Hebrew "Hoda-a", which is the name of this berakha.

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