Wednesday, April 6, 2011

SPECIAL EDITION List of Non-Chametz Products For Pesach

Today is the 2nd day of Nisan, 5771

During Pesach, our community adheres to the highest standards of observance , in terms of cleaning the house of Chametz and consuming exclusively Kosher for Pesach (KFP) products, for example. Whenever possible, every product we buy should bear the KFP certification.

The products contained in the attached list do not contain Chametz and are authorized for Pesach 5771, especially in case one cannot afford or cannot find the Kosher for Pesach certified products.
The products mentioned in this list do not bear a special Kosher for Passover certification, but THEY MUST BE BOUGHT BEFORE PESACH AND CAN ONLY BE USED IF THE PACKAGE IS NEW AND UNUSED.
The authorization of these products is only for Sephardim, since the Ashkenazi custom includes other prohibitions like Kitniot, etc. (For a list of products which follows the Ashkenazi tradition click here:
This list is a compilation based on information I obtained from Kosher for Pesach lists elaborated by experts Orthodox rabbis.

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