Thursday, March 31, 2011

PESACH: Kosher le-Pesach deodorant?

Today is the 25th day of Adar II, 5771

We have already defined that Chametz is any food derived or containing any derivative from the following five cereal-grains: wheat, rye, spelt, barley and oats.

What happens if something which is a non-edible product contains Chametz? Is it forbidden to use it or keep it during Pesach?

The answer is no. The Halakha establishes that any non-food, non-edible product, even if theoretically contains a Chametz ingredient, could be kept and even used during Pesach: For example: Cosmetics, glues, paint, perfumes, soaps, detergents and any cleaning products, or any disposable utensils (aluminum foil, paper plates, plastic forks, etc, etc). In all these cases there is neither a need to check for the absence of Chametz, nor for any kind of Kosher for Pesach certification.

According to Jewish law, however, a non-edible product is not restricted to human consumption. Animal food, for example, if it contains Chametz, cannot be used or even kept during Pesach. Therefore, dog-food, cat-food, birds-food or even fish-food, cannot be used or even kept during Pesach (keep in mind that most animal food DO contain Chametz!!!

check this link for a list of Kosher for Pesach pet food.

In the next HOTD, B'H, we are going to discuss using and keeping during Pesach:
medicines, oral hygiene products, dietary supplements, etc.

The Story of Pesach, from the Hagada to Youtube :

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