Wednesday, December 23, 2009

When should you place your home's Mezuzah?

6th of Tebet, 5770

When you are renting a house or an apartment, you have 30 days to put your Mezuzot. Why? Because of an ancient Halakhic principle that only after 30 days of living there you’re considered a permanent resident on somebody else’s house.

However, when you buy a house, you are considered a resident immediately, and your obligation to place the Mezuzot starts from the first day you come to live into your house, or from the time when you have your furniture or other valuables inside your house.

If you live in the land of Israel, even if you rent a house, you need to have your Mezuzot right away. Because of the Mitzva to live in Erets Israel, all Jews are considered permanent residents in any house they might live.

When moving out of a home -and the next occupant is also Jewish- we should leave the Mezuzot.

When one moves to a new house or apartment which does not have Mezuzot, it is the obligation of the tenant to get and put the Mezuzot, even if the landlord is Jewish.

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