Thursday, November 18, 2010

Waiting between milk and meat

Today is the 5th of Shebat, 5770
As we explain last week, the general Sephardic Minhag is not to requiring a waiting period from dairy to meat, you’re just required to wash your hands, wash your mouth or drink water or soda, and eat a solid Parve food (such as bread or a fruit) before eating meat. However, many families of our community still hold the original Mashadi Minhag to wait from dairy three hours before eating meat, especially after eating hard cheese. As we’ve already explained, everyone should strictly keep and follow his or her own Minhaguim.

Obviously, every Kosher kitchen has to have a total separation between dairy and meat utensils, silverware etc. For Sephardim, glassware is an exception and technically, they could be used for meat or dairy, after washing them thoroughly, taking care that no residues or even particles of any food would be left over. It is always recommended to be more cautious and have a completely separate set -even of glassware- for meat and for milk.
If one has only one sink for meat and milk, one may wash immediately one type of dishes after the other, even with hot water, as long as one is using soap. (The soap renders any residues inedible).

In following weeks we will explain BH how to use the oven, the microwave and the dishwasher for meat and dairy products.

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