Thursday, March 25, 2010


10th of Nisan, 5770

“Vehigadta lebinkha bayom hahu…” the Torah instructs us to educate our children telling them the story of Pesach. This is why we have the Seder. The Seder is a very important moment in our lives as Jews. And as families. We are all reunited with our immediate and extended family to remember the slavery, celebrate our freedom and thank HaShem Almighty for saving and protecting us.

The Seder needs to be educational and at the same time… entertaining or at least , participative. If people are bored, then they will talk and kill the spirit of this night … . But, how you get the attention of children who belong to the X-Box generation?

I want to share with you an idea:

Send and email NOW to every family member, your spouse, your children, brothers and those who will attend your Seder. Divide the Hagada and ask every one of them to prepare one specific part: you read this, you explain that, you sing this, you play that (in my house the pick of the night is when the youngest children roll play the 10 Makkot for all of as!). The secret, as always, is anticipation. Do it today, so everyone can be prepared to do something. Suggest them to find some ideas or explanations in, and other Jewish web sites.

I want to share with you a beautiful real email that was sent by a very young member of our community to his friends and family members, inviting them to be prepared for the Seder.

I'm very excited to come home for this year's seder.
We will be having a FUN, MEANINGFUL AND EDUCATIONAL seder!
- You must read this "Seder in a Nutshell" from -
- Jamie - you have to remember or find out the tune to Chad Gadiah . (no improve this year.)
- Whoever is hosting the seder, don't forget to buy a lot of wine.
- Anyone who can, please put together something nice to say--a story from previous seders, or what seder's were like in Iran, stories about mamanjoon or babajoon, or some nice insight you've learned about pesach)
- NO ONE is allowed to get up till THE END!!!!!!!!! Till we say "shanah ha baah be Yerushalyim" (NOT Miami Shirl!)
Everyone get into the Pesach mode!
Thank you for your cooperation in advance.

Remember: The more preparation you put into the Seder the more everyone will enjoy it.

Finally, given all the hard work women must do cleaning the house and preparing Seder, I would suggest the educational part should be organized mainly by the men of the family.

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