Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Rosh Chodesh, 1st day of Nissan, 5770
Yesterday we explain that cookware or tableware used for Chametz should be replaced for Pesach or done Hag’ala.

Metal: All metal tableware like forks, spoons or knives should be thoroughly cleaned and then immersed for a few seconds in a pot of boiling water. Afterward, they need to be washed with cold water and then they can be used for Pesach.

Porcelain: Ceramic, pottery or porcelain china and tableware that we use throughout the year for Chametz are not suitable for Pesach. In other words Hag’ala does not sterilize them; therefore they cannot be used for Pesach.

Glass: is an exception and does not need Haga'la, because it is a sterile material. It does not absorb/expel any particles/flavor. So, according to the Sephardic tradition glass cookware, cups etc. that is used year round could be used for Pesach after washed thoroughly, without any further Hag’ala. (It should be noticed that this Halakha is radically different for the Ashkenazi custom)

Glass Baby Bottles should be washed thoroughly and can be used for Pesach.

Plastic baby bottles, plastic Sippy cups or any other plastic food containers, if they were used for cereal or other Chametz products, cannot be used for Pesach. But, if they were used for milk or juice and no Chametz was introduced in those bottles, they should be washed thoroughly and can be used for Pesach.

Needles to say, those who can afford it, prefer to use a completely different set of cookware and tableware, special for Pesach.