Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Today is the 25th of Tamuz, 5770

According to Maimonides the first specific step one needs to take when he or she searches the 'Palace' (see previous HOTD) is to focus the mind when reciting the Shema Israel (the whole text!) and the Amida (idem). The individual is instructed at those times, to empty his thoughts from everything extraneous. Maimonides asserts that before proceeding to the following steps one must train in this fashion for several years.

Rabbi Yehuda Halevy said in his book 'The Kuzari' that similar to our body, our soul needs to nurture itself 3 times a day. Tefila is the food for the soul. In this aspect, the only difference between our soul and our body is that, when denied of nutrition, our starving stomach would cry for food while our starving soul will just shrink and become weaker. The soul is not as loud as the body. Food for the body is a matter of basic instinctive survival. The soul, however, because of its 'divine nature' doesn't die as the body. From one side, this represents a great advantage because the soul might always be 'ignited' back. That 's what we call 'teshuba' or 'repentance' in the basic sense of regaining consciousness of the existence of our soul. From the other side, a soul might remain for a lifetime completely neglected and ignored and it wont cry for help....