Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tisha BeAv : Avoiding ‘pleasure’.

Today is the 4th of Av

To express and feel our grief on this day we avoid two categories of activities: 1. Those activities which bring us 'Pleasure'. 2. And those which bring us 'Happiness'.

Today we will cover the first category.

WASHING: Same as Yom Kippur, bathing or washing done for pleasure is forbidden. However, if a part of the body is unclean, one can wash it because it's not doing it for pleasure but for hygiene.
Many rabbis authorize to use baby wipes to clean one's face, hands, etc. because it is not considered washing. Deodorant is permitted.
We can also wash our hands for Netilat Yadaim, because it is for Mitzva and not for pleasure. The custom, however, is to wash only the fingers.

SIKHA: Using fragrances or creams for pleasure is no permitted. But medical creams are permitted.

LEATHER SHOES are considered a luxurious item so during Tisha BeAv we don't wear leather shoes. Other leather items, like a belt are permitted.

MARITAL RELATIONS are suspended on Tisha beAv as if it was Niddah time. When the Mikveh night falls on the eve of Tisha Beav (Monday July 19th) it has to be postponed for the next night (Tuesday 20th).

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