Friday, July 23, 2010

Clint Eastwood, Shlomi and the Jewish people

Today is the 12th of Ab, 5770

Two days ago, as Coty and I were leaving 'Mamila', near the Old City we met Shlomi, a young 'cool' Israeli taxi driver, probably 30 years old, didn't 'look' very religious. He had a sign in his windshield with his phone number (050 827 8120) and a smaller sign saying 'Lo beShabbat' which means, 'this Taxi does not work on Shabbat…'

Knowing that Israeli taxi drivers are talkative, very friendly and always updated about Israeli politics I asked him about the military situation in the North: Hizbullah claims to have 20,000 missiles ready to attack; Syria is deploying its forces and of course, Iran is threatening Israel as a response to the US sanctions...

Very relaxed and with a big smile Shlomi said: "Don't worry, my friend, nothing is going to happen..…". And I said: "Why? Do you know anything about the Israeli army that the press doesn't know?"

Surprisingly he asked me: "Do you know who Clint Eastwood is?" I said: "Yes!"

He said: "Have you ever watched a Clint Eastwood movie". Thinking about a 'cowboys' movie I said: "Yes".

And then Shlomi formulated the most amazing philosophical argument about the role of the Jewish people I've ever heard in my life: "Have you ever seen Clint Eastwood dying in the movie? No. right?. He can't die because he is the main actor. The whole movie revolves around Clint Eastwood's character. Without Clint Eastwood the movie wouldn't make any more sense…. We, AM ISRAEL -my friend- we are the 'Clint Eastwood' of the world's movie. God, our Almighty movie Director, will never let Clint Eastwood disappear"

Shabbat Shalom!