Friday, May 14, 2010

KIDDUSH: The Laws of Kiddush

Today is the 1st day (ROSH CHODESH) of Sivan (45 days of Omer. 6 weeks, 3 days)

“Zakhor et Yom haShabbat leKaddesho… “ Remember the Shabbat to sanctify it.
Last week we explained that the fourth Commandment is performed by the recitation of the Kiddush. In its text we remind ourselves the foundation of Shabbat: our testimony that God Almighty is the Creator of the world.
There are two times that we say Kiddush: first, Friday night, before Shabbat dinner and the second time before Shabbat lunch.
Although both ceremonies are called Kiddush they are not the same.
A couple of examples: at night most Sephardic Jews say the Kiddush standing. The reason for it is that we are giving testimony and according to judiciary procedures, when testifying in court a witness must stand. The Kiddush of Shabbat lunch is said while seated.
Both Kiddush are performed with wine. However if wine or grape juice is not available, at night it can only be replaced by bread. For the Kiddush of the day, however, one can use any alcoholic beverage (beer, vodka, Arak, etc.) but not bread.
When saying the Kiddush with bread, we should first do Netilat Yadaim, say the first part of the Kiddush, replace “bore peri hagefen” for “hamotsi lechem min haarets” and at the end, eat a piece of bread.
We obviously don’t need to do Netilat yadaim or hamotsi” a second time.

See this link to learn the recitation of Kiddush: