Friday, June 18, 2010

Do you have to taste the Kiddush wine?

Today is the 6th day of Tamuz, 5770

You are listening to the Kiddush with the intention of being included in the Mitzvah. At the end of the Kiddush the Mekaddesh (the person that recites the Kiddush on behalf of everyone) drinks from the wine. Do you have to taste a little bit of that wine too?

The answer is a good example of Halakha vs. Minhag.

HALAKHA: Unlike the Mekkadesh who must drink a minimum quantity (one cheek!) your obligation for the Kiddush is completely fulfilled by listening and being included in the Mekaddesh’s intention, even if you don’t taste from the wine.

Still, there are different traditions or MINHAGUIM:

The general Sephardic tradition is that each family member would sip from the same cup the father or grandfather just said the Kiddush on, as a sign of Chibub Mitzva (affection for the just performed Mitzvah ) and respect for the elders .

In any case, you don’t need to drink any significant amount, a little sip is enough.

According to another tradition, not everyone drinks from the same cup, but the Mekaddesh pours from his cup into everyone else’s cups. This is also recommended when you have non-family guest. Again, a little sip is enough.

Another tradition is that everyone has his own cup with his own wine (ROSH)

Today there is a special set ‘Kiddush wine fountain’ that allow to comply with these two last traditions simultaneously! .