Friday, June 11, 2010

SHABBAT: Can you say the Kiddush twice?

Today is the 29th of Sivan, 5770 (tonight is Rosh Chodesh!)

Generally speaking we can not say any unnecessary Berakha (blessing) or repeat a Berakha when not needed. But when a Berakha is the performance of a Mitzva (birkat haMitzvot) like Kiddush (and that includes bore peri hagefen!)a Jew can say the Berakha for another Jew (kol Israel arebim ze baze).

Therefore, if for example, Friday night or Shabbat morning I have the intention to say Kiddush at my house and on the way back from synagogue I first go to visit my mother and she wants me to say the Kiddush for her, I should do that. I could say the Kiddush at her house for my mother and then repeat the Kiddush when I get home. Similarly, if you are expecting guests but they did not come on time, and you say the Kiddush for your family and started dinner, and then your guests arrive, if they don’t know how to say the Kiddush, you could say the Kiddush for them.

When one says the Kiddush for another person, and he wants to do ‘his main’ Kiddush (latset yede choba) for himself at home, he should not taste from the wine, but give it to one of the attendants.

Shabbat Shalom!!!

Hadalakat Nerot: 8:08 PM


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Personal reflection: The World Cup is good for Israel!!!.

Expect world peace for the next 30 days, including B’H in Israel. Terrorist organizations refrain from committing murderous attacks or dramatic acts -like phony humanitarian flotillas and other propaganda-making staff- during the Soccer World Cup, because once every four years, no matter what they do, they know they won’t make it to the news!