Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Today is the 20th of Sivan 5770

In our Wednesday’s KASHRUT section HOTD is introducing the reader to the world of reliable Kashrut certifications. We already talked about OU and OK, two major companies in the Kashrut world.

As all KASHRUT symbol, KOF –K symbol (see their web site: is protected under Federal law against unauthorized use.

Today we will discuss the KOF-K, one of the foremost Kosher certification agencies in the United States.

KOF (or KAF) is the name of the 11th letter of the Hebrew Alphabet and the first letter of the word KASHER in Hebrew. .

The Kashrus policies of KOF –K are governed by a Rabbinic committee who reviews and decide all questions of Halacha (Jewish law) which may arise in the course of food production

From KOF –K home page:

KOF-K is directed by a staff of Kosher food production specialists, each an expert in various aspects of the food industry. Always available for consultation are flavor chemists, dairy and bakery professionals, meat processing advisers and computer experts. The KOF-K has an international network of regional coordinators and Rabbinic representatives based in major American cities, Canada, South and Central America, Australia, Western and Eastern Europe, the Orient and Israel. These representatives conduct frequent visits to major manufacturers and their suppliers at every location where Kosher supervision is needed. Confidentiality of all proprietary information is assured.

Watch the KOF-K presentation video: