Wednesday, January 27, 2010

When a Parve food remains Parve

Today is the 12th of Shebat, 5770

If you cooked a Parve food together with meat or dairy, that Parve food becomes the same status as the food that was cooked next to.

However, if something Parve (rice, vegetables, fruits, drinks, or egg) was cooked in a meat pot, and that pot was completely clean of any food residues, there is no need to wait between eating that Parve food and eating a dairy product.

Moreover, according to the Sephardic Minhag, a Parve food that was cooked in a completely clean dairy or meat pot is considered Parve and it could be eaten with meat or with diary. (Please, read twice before applying!).


1. If you cook an egg on a completely clean pot that was previously used to cook meat, you could eat this egg with cheese, because the egg is still considered Parve.

2. If the egg was cooked in the same pot together with a piece of meat or with meat residues, that egg is considered “ meat” (BESARI) and to eat that egg, you have to wait 6 hours to eat dairy and obviously, it cannot be eaten with cheese.

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