Friday, January 1, 2010

Checking the Mezuzah

15th of Tebet, 5770

A Mezuzah must be examined at least twice every seven years. Temperature and weather changes, as well as age, may cause the ink to fade and crack, thereby invalidating the Mezuzah.
If a mistake is found, the Mezuzah cannot be fixed. In other words, if even one letter is missing, written in the wrong way or corrupted (by humidity, mold, etc) it cannot be added or written back. The Mezuzah needs to be replaced.
If you change your Mezuzah or even affix your old Mezuzah back after it has been examined, you have to say the Berakha again … LIKBOA MEZUZAH.
If you have one or two Mezuzot to check, you could ask your rabbi to check them for you. If you have more than that, it is recommended to send them to a professional scribe.

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